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Fantasy Potpourri: Let’s All Pass Some Judgement

[The following are mostly fantasy baseball notes with a sprinkling of pop-cultural snippets]

  • As if Giancarlo “Michael” Stanton wasn’t already having the season that dreams nightmares are made of (3 HR, .227 BA), Ed Guana of has reported that Stanton left Monday’s tilt with a hamstring injury. Hey, if he’s not getting at-bats, he can’t strikeout, right?
  • Super prospect Nolan Arenado made his major league debut on Sunday, going 0-3 with a BB. While he’s a must add in NL-only leagues, mixed leaguers should let him swim with the likes of Mike Moustakas and Pedro Alvarez in the free agent pool until he shows us something. A lot of oh-fers are in his future.
  • ESPN’s Chris Broussard came out of the closet Monday as a Bible thumping douche bag. The sports reporter/analyst/talking-head, when referring to Jason Collins announcement that he’s gay, stated that homosexuality is “an open rebellion to God.” So is getting a tattoo, wearing polyester, and, oh yeah, getting divorced. Maybe Broussard should come down on NBA players who augment their bodies, wear jerseys, and have hoes in different area codes. Continue reading
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The Reality Blog: The Hall of Most Shame (Rose vs. ‘Roids)

We live in the age of instant quotes and misquotes thanks to social media sites. I came across this heavy hitter in a recent online rant against alleged PED-user Lance Armstrong:

"I never used steroids, but I have inspired thousands of Catholic priests."

“I never used steroids, but I have inspired thousands of Catholic priests.”

“I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating.” – Sophocles

Cute, but I’ve got news for this good-intentioned quote fiend; Sophocles never lived in the era of the $100 million dollar contract. He also never lived in the era of the front page fandom that comes with hitting home runs that switch zip codes in air, collecting Cy Young awards like Adele collects Grammys, or winning games more consistently than Wilt Chamberlain won with the ladies (sorry Quentin Tarantino).

The Baseball Writers Association of America must be suckers for Sophocles’ work, as they famously took a hard stance a few weeks back when they voted nobody into the Hall of Fame for just the eighth time in the Hall’s history. It certainly wasn’t for lack of viable candidates that nobody was enshrined as this year’s ballot boasted MLB’s all-time home run king, and the man with more Cy Young awards than anyone else, among other notable players. No, the BBWAA pitched a shutout because they wanted to send a message to these players, most of whom had more than casual ties to PEDs- there’s no place for cheaters.

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Joey Votto: The Splintery Canadian

Votto squints into the future.

Votto squints into the future.

There comes a time in all of our lives when we have to buy a new car (well most of us; New Yorkers/San Franciscans excluded). We go around trying to find the best deal. We want the most reliable automobile.

You wouldn’t spend Bentley money for a Mercedes, would you? Then why would you spend Miguel Cabrera money for a Joey Votto? Buying a car is just like buying a baseball player: everyone wants to get their money’s worth.

Votto has remarkable credentials: a career .316 hitter, two seasons with 100+ RBI, and a career OPS of .968. Is anyone doubting his ability? No. Votto is as talented as they come. Nobody is saying Joey isn’t a good car player, but when a player hasn’t reached 500 AB in two out of the past four seasons, it’s worth looking under the hood.

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The Great Headley Debate

I recently got into a discussion about Chase Headley on twitter with one of our followers who happens to be a San Diego fan. His stance on Headley, as well as many other Padres fans, is that the Padres need to extend him right now. That he’s too valuable a commodity to lose. And I tend to agree, he is a valuable commodity, but he’s not going to get his extension (at least not now), and here’s why:

Chase swung a big stick last year.

Chase swung a big stick last year.

The Padres have always and will always be an organization that counts their money carefully. That’s not to say they won’t spend at times, but they’re not in the business of paying top dollar to a player who is at peak value. Headley is coming off a year in which he set career highs in home runs (31), RBI (115), runs (95), hits (173), walks (86), steals (tied previous high of 17), and total bases (301). He didn’t just set career highs…he obliterated his previous marks. Right now, he’s the kind of player who is going to command a large sum of money, and the Padres, the penny pinchers that they are, don’t want to give up a king’s ransom and possibly get burned by a player whose numbers prior to last season were comparable to Mark Teahen’s.

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Early Season Observations

Elite Starting Pitchers Struggling

Timmy won't be asked to do anymore video games with an ERA over 12.00.

This is something Ryan Butler is going to touch on in an article later this week, but it’s something worth noting here. After two turns through pitching rotations, six starting pitchers ranked in the top 100 by Yahoo! have an ERA over 6.00 (Tim Lincecum, 12.91; C.C. Sabathia, 6.75; Zack Greinke, 6.75; Dan Haren, 6.97; Adam Wainwright, 11.42; and Daniel Hudson, 8.71). Yu Darvish, the Chosen One, has eight walks in two starts and his WHIP (2.21) weighs more than he does. Mat Latos has the same amount of walks as strikeouts (five).

Conversely, pitchers like Chad Billingsley, Edwin Jackson, Barry Zito, and Jonathon Niese are all pitchers who went largely undrafted in many leagues, but are ranked among the top starters through two weeks.

We’re not saying you should hit the panic button yet, but it’s a reminder that there’s always pitching to be had.

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Words from the Editor: Late Night Drinking

Maybe I’ve been drinking too much sherry on a school night, but I have a desire to ramble, and maybe some of this will have something to do with baseball. No promises, folks.

  • Generally unknown Jim Ward is my latest musical musing. Check him out here at Tembloroso.
  • Looking forward to the end of September.

    One of the biggest surprise players this year is easily Melky Cabrera. His name is funny because my girlfriend says I pronounce “milk” as “melk”. Anyway, Cabrera was ranked 369 by Yahoo! in the preseason. Before the start of Sunday’s games, he was ranked 17th on the season! He’s got a 15/16 season going so far, while hitting .312. Bet the Braves wish they had this production from him last season. One of the reasons I wanted to talk about the Melk Man was because I’ve recently tried trading him in my keeper league, and NOBODY wants him, not as a keeper, not even as a solid option for the playoff push. I guess it’s fine, I’ll ride him out the rest of the season. He’s not going to stop hitting. And he’s going to help me win a championship.

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