Bet Board

All bets are in the Sports or Entertainment world, and all are legally binding. Refusal to pay up on a bet results in a punch to the nuts.

I bet you $1 you'll spend it on booze.

1. Brian bets Thaller $100 that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will win an Academy Award either in his lifetime or Brian and Thaller’s lifetime. If Brian or Thaller are to pass away before “The Rock”, this bet is null and void. This Award may be for any individualized category.

2. Short bets Thaller $100 that Scott Rolen will be a Hall of Famer.

3. Brian bets Short $10 that Dustin Ackley will have at least 12 home runs after the All-Star break. (Short wins bet)

4. Brian bets Short $10 that Tiger Woods won’t win more than one Major Championship the rest of his career.

5. Brian bets Marcell $10 that Chris Johnson won’t play Week 1. (Marcell wins bet)

6. Jared bets Brian $75 that his fantasy football team will finish higher in the standings than Brian’s. (Jared wins bet)

7. Short bets Pete $10 that Peyton Manning won’t play Week 1. (Short wins bet)

8. Ace bets Brian $15 that Beanie Wells will surpass 1000 rush yards AND 8 rushing touchdowns. (Ace wins bet)

2 thoughts on “Bet Board

    • Mike says:

      Maybe, but you will lose the “Rock” bet. Really, Dwayne Johnson an Academy Award??? I think rotobrian has been smoking something.

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