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Fantasy Potpourri: Let’s All Pass Some Judgement

[The following are mostly fantasy baseball notes with a sprinkling of pop-cultural snippets]

  • As if Giancarlo “Michael” Stanton wasn’t already having the season that dreams nightmares are made of (3 HR, .227 BA), Ed Guana of has reported that Stanton left Monday’s tilt with a hamstring injury. Hey, if he’s not getting at-bats, he can’t strikeout, right?
  • Super prospect Nolan Arenado made his major league debut on Sunday, going 0-3 with a BB. While he’s a must add in NL-only leagues, mixed leaguers should let him swim with the likes of Mike Moustakas and Pedro Alvarez in the free agent pool until he shows us something. A lot of oh-fers are in his future.
  • ESPN’s Chris Broussard came out of the closet Monday as a Bible thumping douche bag. The sports reporter/analyst/talking-head, when referring to Jason Collins announcement that he’s gay, stated that homosexuality is “an open rebellion to God.” So is getting a tattoo, wearing polyester, and, oh yeah, getting divorced. Maybe Broussard should come down on NBA players who augment their bodies, wear jerseys, and have hoes in different area codes.
  • Austin Laymance of reports that Hanley Ramirez has been activated from the disabled list. Doesn’t it feel like nobody cares? The past two years haven’t been good to Mr. Ramirez. His numbers haven’t been great and he can’t seem to stay on the field. It doesn’t help that he’s returning to a Dodger lineup that just seems to be aging exponentially faster than their peers.
  • While I don’t find Jeff Passan to be a great reporter nor a man of reason, he did write a pertinent article that suggests we need a “gay Jackie Robinson.” Yes, this does sound like a weird idea, almost like we need to manufacture this man to lead the gays to freedom in sports, yet it’s probably what needs to happen. And apparently, just today, it has. Collins might be what Passan is looking for.
  • Young guns Jose Fernandez and Matt Harvey went head-to-head on Monday night in Miami, but it wasn’t as electric as we thought. Fernandez only went four innings, while Harvey couldn’t get out of the sixth. This is the second time Fernandez has gone up against a top young pitcher (Tony Cingrani, April 18), and the second time he’s looked like the weaker of the two. In mixers it might be time to show him the door.
  • If you’re a Jays fan, you might not want to read this.
  • Six players who are off to an awesome start, yet are owned in under 58% of Yahoo! public leagues: Nate McLouth (55%), Vernon Wells (57%), Travis Hafner (36%), Daniel Nava (37%), Josh Donaldson (38%), and Gerardo Parra (33%).
  • David Price had a run in with an umpire over the weekend. Apparently there were some words said that didn’t sit well with Sir David, and it’s caused an uproar at ESPN. Not sure these three buffoons are the right guys to be talking baseball, let alone conduct in sports.
  • If this chick can get a million dollars for blowing, then it’s no wonder players like Alex Rodriguez, Ubaldo Jimenez, and Alfonso Soriano are multimillionaires.

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