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Brian’s Top 13 Catcher Rankings and Projections for ’13

It's been a long road since this moment for Posey.

It’s been a long road since this moment for Posey.

With the Super Bowl over and the commencement of Februany and Subway, it’s time to start rolling out the Twenty-Thirteen rankings. Since pitchers and catchers are reporting soon, I figured to start with catchers and work my way down the position list.

Over the past couple seasons, we’ve seen a shift in the position. Once top heavy, catcher is now a flooded market. In 2013, drafting a catcher is like buying a beer; there are so many good ones to choose from, you almost can’t go wrong. As I said on our last podcast, there are easily seventeen startable (not a real word, but in fantasy sports it is) catchers, although I’m only choosing to list 13 here.

It would prove pointless to talk about the reigning MVP, Buster Posey, but it is worth noting that he is the only catcher who should be drafted in the top-50 of any draft (and that includes keeper leagues) because on top of being a ridiculously deep position this year, catcher is the weakest position on the fantasy diamond. Most catchers only play 4-5 games a week and suffer in the AB department because of it.

The three names I would like to talk about are Miguel Montero, Victor Martinez, and Salvador Perez. I have Montero ranked as my fourth best catcher, but I could make a case for him to be number two. He’s had back-to-back 85-plus RBI seasons. He might not improve too much on that, but there’s something to be said about a catcher who produces like a second outfielder.

Martinez missed all of 2012, but in 2011 he hit .330 with 103 RBI. As long as he’s still got catcher eligibility in your league format, he’ll be back near the summit at the position.

Finally, youngster Salvador Perez is one of the many young players that Kansas City has been collecting. I have him ranked at number thirteen on this list, but he possesses similar qualities to Montero (high average and run producer).

There are three tiers in this position, indicated by the underline [projections are based on three year averages and sabermetric analysis].

1. Buster Posey- 70 R, 22 HR, 93 RBI, 1 SB, .297 BA

2. Yadier Molina- 60, 20, 72, 10, .301

3. Joe Mauer- 70, 12, 75, 7, .308

4. Miguel Montero- 65, 17, 90, 1, .290

5. Victor Martinez- 73, 17, 80, 1, .301

6. Carlos Santana- 75, 21, 75, 4, .245

7. Matt Wieters- 65, 24, 85, 2, .250

8. Brian McCann- 60, 21, 70, 3, .270

9. Wilin Rosario- 62, 24, 65, 3, .260

10. A.J. Pierzynski- 65, 15, 75, 1, .270

11. Jesus Montero- 61, 18, 69, 0, .280

12. Mike Napoli- 65, 23, 67, 1, .250

13. Salvador Perez- 50, 17, 61, 0, .294


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