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Brian’s Top 12 Shortstop Rankings and Projections for ’12

Three clear stars at the top, but could there be other stars?

Hall of Fame manager Leo Durocher is quoted as saying, “Nobody ever won a pennant without a star shortstop.” This is a clear attempt by Durocher to claim he was a star during his playing days, as he helped the New York Yankees win the World Series in 1928. It’s unknown if his tone was serious when he spoke those words, though. Durocher was a .247 career hitter with a grand total of 24 home runs in 20 years as a player. Babe Ruth nicknamed him “The All-American Out.”

Regardless of Durocher’s lackluster playing career, his quote is mostly true: “Nobody ever won a fantasy pennant without a star shortstop.” It’s a position that is difficult to fill after the first five or six are off the board. It’s why you’ll see even marginal shortstop talent become overvalued in a fantasy draft. It’s one of those “musical chairs” positions; you don’t want to get caught without a good one. But while all the players on this list aren’t “stars”, a lot of them do things that could be considered star-worthy, especially for a shortstop.

After you get past Jimmy Rollins, who does a little bit of everything when healthy, there are two players who are one category stars: Dee Gordon (SB) and J.J. Hardy (HR). Comparisons have been drawn between Gordon and Elvis Andrus (“He’s a poor man’s Andrus!”), as both are primarily speedsters. The reason you can get Gordon on the cheap, though, is because we’ve never seen a full season from the kid, and he weighs less than Paris Hilton’s chihuahua. Hardy had two MVP like seasons way back in ’07 and ’08, but he failed to stay healthy until he moved to Baltimore last year, where he belted a career high 30 ding dongs.

There are four tiers, indicated by the underline.

1. Troy Tulowitzki- 90, 30, 100, 10, .300

2. Jose Reyes- 98, 13, 59, 40, .308

3. Hanley Ramirez– 75, 18, 79, 26, .280

4. Elvis Andrus- 92, 7, 65, 39, .279

5. Starlin Castro- 80, 8, 59, 16, .290

6. Jimmy Rollins- 68, 15, 52, 23, .258

7. Dee Gordon- 80, 2, 45, 40, .280

8. Asdrubal Cabrera- 85, 14, 70, 12, .274

9. J.J. Hardy- 75, 20, 70, 0, .268

10. Derek Jeter- 90, 8, 64, 17, .282

11. Alexei Ramirez- 82, 16, 70, 10, .275

12. Jhonny Peralta- 64, 18, 83, 0, .273


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