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Player Profile: Miguel Cabrera

Miguel could be on the field a lot this year due to Detroit's terrible infield defense. Finding a snack wherever he can will be crucial.

Benjamin Franklin once observed that the only guarantees in life are death and taxes. For reasons unknown, Franklin forgot to mention Miguel Cabrera. Cabrera is one of the most consistent sluggers in the game today and Franklin would surely take him #1 overall in his fantasy draft. [Editor’s Note: What would Ben Franklin name his team? The Franklin Hot Stoves? Been-Jammin’ Deborah Read? If you have any better ideas use the comments section].

This picture was taken on March 12. Both men looking incredibly slim.

First off, Miggy is moving back to third base because the Tigers acquired their favorite son, Prince Fielder, to play first base and to protect Cabrera in the lineup. Although Cabrera may have some rough games and struggles at 3rd, don’t expect this to carry over to the plate. He has made position changes in the past and it has yet to effect anything but his belt line. Since we are on the subject of his weight, early reports indicate that Cabrera has lost 20-25 pounds from his 6’4” 260 frame, so he should appear slimmer and ready for the hot corner. His expected eligibility at third will increase his overall value since he can be used at multiple infield spots.

Seasons of 30 HR and 100 RBI are the norm, but Cabrera has been impressively improving in other offensive categories since his arrival in Detroit. In 2011, Cabrera won his first Batting Crown with a .344 average and led all of MLB in .448 OBP and 48 doubles. The stat that sticks out the most is the improvement of his BB/K (108 BB and only 89 K; a 1.21 ratio in ’11). Not many players hit with consistent power and have a great BB/K. There are not many players in the league that possess the skill set and experience Cabrera has and he’s still only 28 years old.

"Beer and two favorite things."

Franklin was not afraid to take risks in life, but he drafted “sure things” in early rounds of his fantasy baseball leagues. “Franklin was a logical and methodical fantasy owner,” said a rival manager, Louis Timothee. “He would never take risks in the first few rounds, he always went with the sure thing and took risks later. This philosophy won him many championships.”


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