Brian, Rumblings

Rumblings: Looking at the Second Half

by Brian Dorsey

The post All-star Game push has begun, fantasy owners. It’s important, right now, to reassess your team. By this point, your league probably has a pretty big gap between the first place team and the last place team, but this doesn’t mean the season is over. If you’re that floundering last place team, you need to mix things up. What you’ve done thus far isn’t working. Your two avenues are “the waiver wire” and “massive trade overhaul”.

If you’re looking at the waiver wire, check out these names (owned in less than 35% of Y! public leagues): A.J. Pierzynski (34%), Derek Lee (26%), Jemile Weeks (17%), Danny Valencia (26%), Alcides Escobar (29%), Nyjer Morgan (17%), and Roger Bernadina (10%). What do all of these players have in common? Over the past month, they’ve all been productive (ranked in the top-200 over that span). Don’t be shy; make a move.

Ten hitters who have been wildly unproductive over the past month:

1. Carlos Quentin (.188 avg)

2. Stephen Drew (19 K)

3. Billy Butler (5 R)

4. Jayson Worth (31 K)

5. Joe Mauer (0 HR)

6. Casey McGehee (1 HR)

7. Alex Rios (.214 avg)

8. Drew Stubbs (30 K)

9. Jay Bruce (.212 avg)

10. Mike Stanton (33 K)

Ten pitchers who haven’t been up to snuff over the past month:

1. Theodore Roosevelt Lilly (7.36 ERA)

2. Zack Greinke (6.84 ERA)

3. Jonny Venters (10 BB in 14.2 IP)

4. Francisco Cordero (2.04 WHIP)

5. Josh Colimenter (0 W)

6. Shaun Marcum (6.43 ERA)

7. Kyle Farnsworth (3 SV)

8. Kevin Gregg (3 SV, 4 game suspension looming)

9. Jhoulys Chacin (18 BB)

10. Kyle Lohse (10 K in 31.0 IP)

Here are three hitters you should trade for in the second half who haven’t been good thus far, but who are bound to rebound:

1. Ryan Zimmerman: He’s raised his BA from .228 to .254 over the past 10 days. His SLG% sits at a respectable .408.

2. Hanley Ramirez: The consensus overall number one struggled early on, but has been on a tear of late. If the buy-low window is still cracked open, go get him.

3. Carl Crawford: Yes, he’s still on the DL, but when he’s activated expect his average to jump from where it sits now (.243) up to around his career number (.294).

Three pitchers you should trade for:

1. Aroldis Chapman: Struggled with his control in April, but he’s back from the minors and mowing down hitters. Couple that with Cordero’s recent struggles and Chapman could be seeing th 9th inning soon.

2. Ubaldo Jimenez: Remember that remarkable start to the 2010 season and then the horrible collapse? That collapse carried over into 2011, but he’s pitched better lately. Maybe this year is the inverse of last year.

3. Chad Billingsley: Look, his first half hasn’t been the worst, but he’s ranked 287 on Y! and he’s already lost seven games. But he’s been useful. He’s on pace for 200 K and eight more wins. He might walk too many, but with a slue of games against the hapless NL West, he should be good going forward.


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