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Rotoballs Midseason Awards Extravaganza!

It’s that time of year where we, fantasy owners, like to boast about our players. We have enough data to evaluate who’s having a bad season and who’s having a fantastic season. Without further ado, here are our writers’ awards.

Rotobrian’s Winners:

AL ROY: Michael Pineda

NL ROY: Danny Espinosa

AL MVP: Adrian Gonzalez

NL MVP: Ryan Braun

AL CY: Justin Verlander

NL CY: Cole Hamels (Over Halladay because of where Hamels was drafted)

Biggest Flop AL: Adam Dunn

Biggest Flop NL: Hanley Ramirez

Biggest Surprise Player AL: James Shields

Biggest Surprise Player NL: Michael Bourne

Player OUTSIDE Y! Top 100 Actual Rankings You’d MOST Want to Own for the Second Half. And Why?: Hanley Ramirez. I have to believe, as a logical person, and as a baseball fan, that his numbers normalize.

Player IN Y! Top 100 Actual Rankings You’d LEAST Want to Own for the Second Half. And Why?: Carlos Beltran. He’s having a fine first half, and maybe he snuck into the All Star Game, but there’s no way his 80-year-old knees can hold up. The muggy New York weather is going to beat this old man back.

Fantasy All-Stars:

C: Brian McCann

1B: Adrian Gonzalez

2B: Robinson Cano

3B: Jose Bautista

SS: Jose Reyes

OF: Ryan Braun

OF: Matt Kemp

OF: Curtis Granderson

DH: David Ortiz

SP: Justin Verlander

SP: Jared Weaver

RP: Craig Kimbrel

RP: Johnny Venters

RP: Joel Hanrahan

Smuggling Plums’ Winners:

ROY NL: Freddie Freeman

ROY AL: Michael Pineda

MVP NL: Matt Kemp

MVP AL: Jose Bautista

CY NL: Roy Halladay

CY AL: Justin Verlander

Flop AL: Adam Dunn

Flop NL: Dan Uggla

Biggest Surpise NL: Lance Berkman

Biggest Surprise AL: James Shields

Player I would least like to have in Top 100 going forward: Drew Stubbs. Because as talented and versatile as he is, he is SO inconsistent and strikes out way too much. He is an extremely frustrating player to own. Strikes out at least twice a game, it seems.

Player I outside the Top 100 that I would most like to have going forward: Nick Swisher. I think he is going to have a big second half, especially in the home run department.

Fantasy All-Star team:

C: Brian McCann

1B: Adrian Gonzalez

2B: Rickie Weeks

3B: Kevin Youklis

SS: Jose Reyes

OF: Matt Kemp

OF: Jose Bautista

OF: Ryan Braun

SP: Justin Verlander

SP: Roy Halladay

RP: Craig Kimbrel

RP: Heath Bell

RP: Joel Hanrahan

Backdoor Slider’s Winners: 

ROY AL: Michael Pineda

ROY NL: Freddie Freeman

MVP AL: Jose Bautista

MVP NL: Matt Kemp

CY AL: Justin Verlander

CY NL: Cole Hamels

Biggest Flop: Adam Dunn- followed closely by Hanley Ramirez due to fact he was taken so high in drafts, but Adam Dunn is biggest flop for sure.

Best Surprise Player: Jose Reyes

Player OUTSIDE Y! top 100 Actual Rankings You’d MOST Want to Own for the Second Half. And Why? Pablo Sandoval. He’s been hitting like he lost 100 pounds. It seems like he is focused and ready to be the hitter the Giants can count on everyday.

Player IN Y! top 100 Actual Rankings You’d LEAST Want to Own for the Second
Half. And Why? Matt Joyce. I feel like he is playing over his abilities and his injuries may be catching up to him. I still can’t believe he made the all-star team.

Fantasy All-Star Team:

C- Brian McCann

1B- Adrian Gonzalez

2B- Robinson Cano

SS-  Asdrubal Cabrera

3B- Adrian Beltre

OF- Jose Bautista

OF – Curtis Granderson

OF – Matt Kemp

SP – Cole Hamles

SP – Justin Verlander

RP – Craig Kimbrel

RP – Brian Wilson

RP – Joel Hanrahan


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