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Fantasy Prophet: Week 8

by Brian Dorsey

Week 7 has come and gone, so let’s go ahead and find out what’s on our plate for this week. Here are the Top-10 Two Start Pitchers in each league, some interesting notes, and the weather reports.

Two Start Pitchers

AL Top-10

  1. Jared Weaver (OAK, @MIN): Weaver owners are licking their chops this week.
  2. Dan Haren (OAK, @MIN): It was a toss up between Weaver and Haren for the number one AL pitcher this week, but just because Haren is number two on this list doesn’t mean he won’t be lights-out. Look for a good game against his former club.
  3. Justin Verlander (TB, BOS): Absolutely dominating this May: 28 K and 0.77 WHIP.
  4. Josh Beckett (@CLE, @DET): Only one earned run in his last four starts. That middle pick is turning a huge profit.
  5. Clay Buchholz (@CLE, @DET): Four earned runs in his last four. Buchholz is following suit. Both Beckett and he are leading this staff.
  6. Alexi Ogando (CHW, KC): On pace for 14 wins. We’d just like to see more strikeouts (only projected 128).
  7. Justin Masterson (BOS, @TB): He got lit up like a Christmas tree last time he faced the Rays, but he has a career ERA and WHIP under one against the Red Sox.
  8. Zach Britton (KC, @OAK): Brian Matusz who?
  9. Bartolo Colon (TOR, @SEA): The Dominican Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man is terrorizing his demons, not the other way around.
  10. Ricky Romero (@NYY, CHW): No slam dunk, especially not in NYC, but only one ER in past two.

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