Butler, Players of the Week

Players of Week Six

by Ryan Butler

Adrian Gonzalez (7/5/10/0/.346): Last week I said that he can be streaky at times. Did I mention that he hits his home runs in bunches? Week six marked the fourth time in his career that he has homered in four straight games. I also think I said something about him being capable of carrying your team for a week. He can also absolutely kill you if you’re unfortunate enough to be matched up against him.

Classic Jose. Outside pitch. Pulled for a homer.

Jose Bautista (8/6/9/0/.423): I was wrong about him, I’ll admit it. I had him (gulp) 86th in my preseason players rankings, by far the lowest of any of the Rotoballs Crew. His aggregate ranking was 58th. We didn’t believe he would come close to repeating last year’s incredible success. It looks like we were wrong. Very, very wrong.

Victor Martinez (8/6/9/0/.579): V-Mart has quietly put together a very nice season, his first  in Detroit. He’s hitting .335 overall with a .935 OPS and a terrific 12/10 K/BB rate.

Travis Wood (12.2/2/9/1.42/1.18): I loathe to put Wood on this list, or say anything good about him at all, since he burned me so bad after I picked him up (and quickly dropped him) off the free agent wire early this season. His last three starts have all been good, and he looks to be regaining his 2010 form.

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