Brian, Fantasy Prophet

Fantasy Prophet: Week 7

by Brian Dorsey

Week 6 has come and gone, so let’s go ahead and find out what’s on our plate for this week. Here are the Top-10 Two Start Pitchers in each league, some interesting notes, and the weather reports.

Two Start Pitchers

AL Top-10

  1. Felix Hernandez (MIN, @SD): Minnesota’s offense has been anemic, and though the Swinging Friars are putting up some crooked numbers, they generally struggle against ace pitchers.
  2. James Shields (NYY, @FLA): Pitching like the ace he should’ve been three years ago. He’s a huge reason the Rays are in first place.
  3. David Price (NYY, @FLA): He’s got great career numbers against the Yankees and in 12.1 career innings against the Marlins, he’s got 13 punch-outs.
  4. Max Scherzer (TOR, @PIT): God rained on his parade last week, but if you’re an owner, be stoked that he’s a two start pitcher this week instead. All he has to do is avoid Jose Bautista’s “Bat of Reckoning” and he’ll be a player of the week.
  5. Gio Gonzalez (LAA, @SF): God rained on Gio’s nightmare last week and washed it all away. Let’s see if he can forget the carnage and put it behind him.
  6. Brett Anderson (LAA, @SF): Struggled as of late, but that’s what two starts against the Rangers will do. Just a heads up: the Angels and Giants aren’t the Rangers.
  7. Michael Pineda (MIN, @SD): Wait, he was supposed to start two times last week, too? Seems to be a theme. The rook is throwing balls of fire.
  8. Zach Britton (@BOS, WAS): Not an ideal match up in Boston, but he gets a nice go at the Nats over the weekend.
  9. Josh Tomlin (@KC, CIN): The dude just keeps winning. Nobody pinch him!
  10. Joel Pineiro (@OAK, ATL): Pretty boring option, but he’ll get the job done.

NL Top-10

  1. Josh Johnson (@NYM, TB): Best pitcher in baseball, this guy right here. I pre-ordered my “I wish I was Josh Johnson” t-shirt in February.
  2. Tommy Hanson (HOU, @LAA): A “baseball wizard” indeed. But watch his violent arm action. I smell Tommy John around the corner.
  3. Tim Lincecum (@COL, OAK): People used to cry Tommy John with little Timmy, too…and he’s held up thus far. Also, stellar career against the Rockies.
  4. Cliff Lee (@STL, TEX): Every other start seems to be a double-digit K performance. Which would be bad news for the Cards.
  5. Jamie Garcia (PHI, @KC): The National League version of Josh Tomlin. Don’t wake up, dude.
  6. Roy Oswalt (@STL, TEX): Back from digging irrigation ditches and putting down sand bags. His house is safe, ready to protect the Phillies’ box scores.
  7. Shaun Marcum (@LAD, COL): Eight strikeouts are a given…every start. But will he give up five runs, or one?
  8. Matt Garza (@CIN, @BOS): I HATED you, Garza. But you hated right back. Good luck in hell (Cincinnati/Boston).
  9. Carlos Zambrano (@CIN, @BOS): The Big Z! A career 3.06 ERA against the Reds ain’t too shabby, my friend.
  10. Jordan Zimmerman (PIT, @BAL): Left for dead at the end of April after giving up five runs in back to back starts, Zimm has only given up seven runs combined in three starts since.

Teams Without a Day Off

Here are the teams that will be playing seven games this week. Please take advantage:

No teams have a day off this week. Play all your studs.

Weather Report

There are more games that could get rained out than not get rained out. So…

Games that won’t get rained out: Rays at Blue Jays (2, Wed-Thu); Astros at Blue Jays (3, Fri-Sun); Rockies at Brewers (3, Fri-Sun); Padres at Diamondbacks (2, Mon-Tue); Braves at Diamondbacks (2, Wed-Thu); Twins at Diamondbacks (3, Fri-Sun); Twins at Mariners (2, Mon-Tue); Angels at Mariners (2, Wed-Thu); Yankees at Rays (2, Mon-Tue).

Video from Predicted “Player of Week Seven”

Justin Turner is a budding star for the New York Mets. The Long Beach native has been swinging a hot bat, and that’s evident in this video taken at CitiField on May 7th against the Dodgers. The crowd reaction is awesome.


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