Jared, Three Down, Three Up

↑Three Up, ↓Three Down

by Jared Cothren

↑Three Up:

↑Gaby Sanchez – 1B – FLA

Gaby may have a girly name, but he’s been putting up very manly stats (.464 AVG, 2 HR and 10 RBI) over the last 7 days. Hitting .328 on the season, Sanchez is a budding star with unknown potential and he’s coming off a solid year in 2010. 2011 could prove to be a breakout season.

Just call him "Canada Dry Ginger Ale".

↑Adam Lind – 1B, OF – TOR

It seems like Lind has “bi-polar player disorder” because last year he drove fantasy owners crazy with his low batting average and high strikeout rate, but this year he looks to have returned to his 2009 form that  hit 35 home runs and drove in 114 runs. Over the last two weeks, Lind has hit .457 with 6 HR and 15 RBI. He needs to work on his K/BB rate ( 23/7), but it’s already an improvement from last year.

↑Jaime Garcia – SP – STL

Garcia is developing into the ace of the pitching staff for the Cardinals. With Adam Wainwright out for the year and Chris Carpenter entering the later stages of his career, the Cardinals have turned to Garcia for consistency and he hasn’t disappointed. With a 4-0 record and a sub-2 ERA (1.99), Garcia should now be owned in 100% of leagues. Oh yeah…and his 44 K in 45.1 IP is not to shabby either.

↓Three Down:

↓Mat Latos – SP – SD

2010 didn’t end well for Latos and the Padres. Latos lost his final five starts and the Padres were eliminated from the playoff race in the last game of the season. Things aren’t looking great for Latos and the Padres in the early months of 2011, either. Winless in all 6 of his starts this season, Latos is struggling mightily with a 4.86 ERA and a 1.35 WHIP. He has all the potential to be a great pitcher, but leave him on your bench until he turns it around.

Possibly the streakiest hitter in the Majors.

↓Troy Tulowitzki – SS – COL

I know it’s early to call Tulowitzki a draft bust since it’s still a little chilly in Denver, but he better start to heat up with the May weather or this could be a long season for some owners. Tulo is hitting a mere .248 and has only 18 RBI to go with his 8 HR. His K/BB rate is excellent with 18 BB compared to only 9 K, which makes you believe that things will change soon. He’ss downgraded in current player rankings, but if you have him, you’re still starting him.

↓Ian Kinsler – 2B – TEX

It was always believed that if Sir Ian could avoid injuries and stay healthy, he could be one of the premier 2nd basemen in baseball. Surprisingly, Kinsler hasn’t been limited due to injury, yet his batting average and OBP appear to be tanking. His five HR and 15 RBI are rather lackluster also, but he has decent run scoring opportunities with that steady lineup behind him.

♥WAGs of the Week: The Wives and Girlfriends of the San Diego Padres and Ginger Willingham (wife of A’s outfielder Josh Willingham)

This past weekend the wives of the San Diego Padres and Ginger Willingham put on a fundraiser collecting money and clothing for victims of the devastating tornadoes that ripped through Alabama. They set up a player autograph session to raise funds.

To help their cause go to http://www.thejoshwillinghamfoundation.org


5 thoughts on “↑Three Up, ↓Three Down

  1. Darbinator says:

    Tulo on the down? Yes, he is hitting 248, but we are barely a month into the season. He has 9 homers to lead all ss. I wouldnt put him on this list. 280/30/92 what other ss will put up those numbers?With HanRam struggling I think Tulo is your top SS

    • Darbinator, Yes, I believe Tulo should be on the “down” list. So far this season, He is far from being worth a top 5 overall pick let alone the highest ranked SS in the league. Remember that he was not only ranked among the best SS but among the highest ranked players in baseball, period. 9 HR’s is impressive for a SS at this point in the season but that is pretty much all he is bringing to the table. Orlando Carbera has just as many SB’s, more hits, more RBI’s and a better average. I would also disagree that he is the best SS so far. I think Jose Reyes is having a great bounce back season, wouldn’t you agree?

      • Darbinator says:

        Reyes is doing great, but no power and no rbi’s. I would take Tulo any day over Reyes. Tulo now at 255 with 10 homers. By end of the week he could easily be up to 270. And as you mention that 18/10 bb to k ratio is real solid. What other ss will hit 30 dongs?

        As far as Rockies How about CARGO as down?

  2. I think Tulo is a better player than Reyes, but you also have to look at what your team needs are. Reyes can certainly be a more valuable asset to your team if you’re lacking speed. And Tulo can be an asset if you’re lacking power.

    I’d prefer to not have to rely on my SS for my power numbers, however. Tulo, while a great player when healthy, is only ranked high because of his position. If he played 1B or OF, he’d be just another face in the crowd.

    • Darbinator, I would also take Tulo over Reyes but that’s because I would have drafted Reyes 10 rounds later. You have to agree that Tulo is downgraded from his pre-season rankings which is why he is down. He could also be on the upside of this list once he gets hot later this summer…and by hot I mean not just good looking.

      I think Carlos Gonzalez could see himself on future down lists.

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