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Command and Obedience

Don't watch SportCenter.

by Brian Dorsey

As fantasy baseball managers, we need to be meticulous and precise. We’re slaves to our teams. We set our lineups daily. We read articles. We know more about baseball players than any ESPN sportscaster (How many times have you watched SportCenter and said something like, “No, Scott Van Pelt, Alex Rios has a 75.5% career steal success rate!”?).

And while our goal is simple (to win), creating a championship caliber team is neither easy nor happenstance. Yes it’s true that Lady Luck has stepped in before, kissing the cheek of that inept manager, allowing his otherwise mediocre team to raise the fantasy trophy. But most managers would agree: that guy is a (expletive). Your strategy should never be, “Hey, I signed in for the first time in four months…and I won!”

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