Butler, Players of the Week

Players of Week 3

by Ryan Butler

Juan Uribe (5/2/9/0/.450): I’m shocked that this renowned speedster didn’t swipe even one bag this week. He sure finally woke up at the plate, though. I had been feeling rather silly about drafting him at all, and even worse about making him my starting SS in one of my leagues. Then week three happened and I am sleeping much better.

Jose Bautista (10/4/4/0/.474): As great as he was last season, no player had more doubters entering the season than did Bautista. He seems hell-bent on proving them all wrong, making week three the best week yet of what has been a very strong start to 2011.

Ryan Braun (9/3/9/1/.480): “Ryan Brawn” is more like it, and he displayed his namesake in spades, helping my opponent in week three’s matchup, rotobrian, salvage some respectability in what would have otherwise been a shameful defeat. He started the year hot and hasn’t looked back.

Daisuke Matsusaka (15.0/2/12/0.00/0.40): The highly unpredictable little right-hander from Tokyo had himself a great week. He was a huge help to the BoSox in their efforts to right the ship after a disastrous start to the season. He wasn’t a great help to most fantasy owners, though; he is only owned in 16% of Yahoo! public leagues.

James Shields (18.0/2/16/0.50/0.61): If he isn’t named AL Player of the Week, he should just quit. Shields did his best Roy Halladay impression, throwing back-to-back complete games to go with an ERA and WHIP that were both well under 1.00. My favorite waiver acquisition of the season thus far.

Brett Anderson (15.0/2/14/0.60/0.73): He’s been good all year, but exceptional in week three. He’s building on last year’s success and seems to be getting better. His K/BB is 27/4.

Mitchell Boggs (0-0/3/3/0.00/0.90): Seems Tony LaRussa finally came to his sense and demoted the World’s Worst Closer, Ryan Franklin, to setup duty (yikes). Reaping the rewards are Mitchell Boggs and all fantasy owners attentive enough to listen to the little birdies chirping his name as the new STL closer. So far, so good.

Ryan Madson (1-0/4/2/2.25/1.50): The WHIP wasn’t great, but he’s a RP, so no real harm there. The ninth-inning merry-go-round continues to spin in Philly; because of injury, not poor performance. Jose Contreras was outstanding in the closer role before going on the DL.

Jeff Samardzija (2-0/6/0/0.00/1.50): Great week for the ex Golden-Domer. Like I’ve said before, Ws from a RP are huge, and Samardzjia vultured two this week. Too bad nobody cared outside of Chicago, since he is owned by exactly 0% of Yahoo players. And that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Honorable Mention- Antonio Bastardo of the Phillies, for owning my very favorite name in baseball.

Dishonorable Mention- Mariano Rivera, NYY. It is with great pleasure that I bestow this dubious award to Mo Rivera, for blowing two saves this week and, in doing so, seeing his ERA skyrocket from a pristine 0.00 to an atrocious 2.53. OK, it’s not atrocious at all, but back-to-back blown saves is bad enough. He earned this one.


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