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Fantasy Prophet: Week 3

by Brian Dorsey

Week 2 has come and gone, so let’s go ahead and find out what’s on our plate for this week. Here are the Top-10 Two Start Pitchers in each league, some interesting notes, and the weather reports.

Two Start Pitchers

AL Top-10

  1. David Price (CHW, TOR)
  2. Max Scherzer (SEA, CHW)
  3. Edwin Jackson (TB, DET)
  4. Brett Anderson (BOS, SEA)
  5. Ricky Romero (BOS, TB)
  6. John Danks (TB, DET)
  7. Francisco Liriano (BAL, CLE)
  8. Colby Lewis (LAA, KC)
  9. Carl Pavano (BAL, CLE)
  10. James Shields (CHW, TOR)

Notes: Jackson has played for both Tampa Bay and Detroit. His career ERA vs. Tampa and Detroit? 1.44 (TB) and 3.33 (DET)

NL Top-10

  1. Roy Halladay (MIL, SD)
  2. Cliff Lee (MIL, SD)
  3. Josh Johnson (PIT, COL)
  4. Tim Lincecum (COL, ATL)
  5. Shuan Marcum (PHI, HOU)
  6. Carlos Zambrano (SD, LAD)
  7. Tim Hudson (LAD, SF)
  8. Travis Wood (PIT, STL)
  9. Hiroki Kuroda (ATL, CHC)
  10. Wandy Rodriguez (NYM, MIL)

Notes: A lot of top tier pitchers going twice this week, so be thankful if you’re not playing a manager who has one or more of the top five from this category. Rodriguez is interesting here because both of his starts are on the road, and he’s been terrible on the road thus far and has never been a great road pitcher. But I have a feeling CitiField, with it’s enormous dimensions and it’s strikeout happy hitters, will be a nice place for him to pitch.

Weather Report

Potential Rain-Outs: Pirates at Reds (50 percent, Monday); Padres at Cubs (80, Tuesday); Diamondbacks at Reds (50, Tuesday); Indians at Royals (40, Tuesday); Astros at Mets (50, Tuesday); Nationals at Cardinals (80, Tuesday); Diamondbacks at Reds (50, Wednesday); Indians at Twins (40, Friday); Reds at Cardinals (40, Friday); White Sox at Tigers (50, Saturday); Yankees at Orioles (50, Saturday); Nationals at Pirates (60, Saturday).

You’ll notice the Reds might not play a single game this week due to weather. If you have a lot of Reds on your team, you might want to find some replacement players.


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