Brian, Feature, Three Down

Three Up, Three Down

by Brian Dorsey

The purpose of this article is to show whose stock is rising and whose is falling. It mixes pitchers and hitters and will be a weekly fixture at

Three Up

↑Alex Gordon– The one time uber-prospect is having one hell of an Opening Week. Granted, it’s a small sample-size, but if he keeps this up through April, you won’t see him available in any league.


↑Jose Tabata– He had solid numbers to round out 2010, so it’s no surprise to see his name continuing to climb, but with two homeruns and five stolen bases already, he could be a 20/30 candidate.

↑Jaime Garcia– After two starts his ERA and WHIP are under a buck. Tack on 18 strikeouts and he’s looking like the Cardinals’ early season MVP. The strikeouts might not be for real (only 132 in 163.1 IP in 2010), but his ERA is going to be really low with a useful WHIP by season’s end.

Three Down

↓Matt Garza– Oh, Garza. How everyone loved that you were going to be leaving the dreaded AL East for the safe NL Central. But everyone seemed to forget that you’re a fly ball pitcher moving to a windy park. In two starts, no homeruns given up yet, but your ERA is taller than Rafael Furcal and your WHIP might as well be the price tag for a can of Red Bull.

Jackson is aerodynamic...maybe.

↓Austin Jackson– This guy was supposed to take a step forward. He was supposed to cut down on his strikeout rate, walk a little more, and steal more bases. First week of the season: he’s one strikeout away from leading the league, he’s only walked three times, and his two steals don’t counterbalance the .184 BA.

↓Shin-Soo Choo– We did a debate on Choo vs. Nelson Cruz earlier this year. How’s that working out? Cruz homered in each of his first four games and Choo has struck out 11 times in nine games. He also has zero steals to go with one homerun.


3 thoughts on “Three Up, Three Down

  1. Darbinator says:

    Good Post and creative! Comparing Garza’s whip to a can of red bull is clever. I have been eye balling Alex Gordon since I have Butler on my team. Now that Hamilton is out and I need help, I will give him a chance. Sometimes it takes a player awhile to get it figured out. Please be the case!
    “Jamie Garcia has filthy stuff” as Wainwright said. I think he can be a 180 strike out guy. BUY! Only his 2nd year, a lefty and filthy stuff.

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