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Fantasy Prophet: Week 2

With Week 1 in the books, it’s time to look ahead and see what the week ahead will look like. Fantasy Prophet will be a weekly addition to and it will consist of Two Start Pitchers, Weather, and some news and notes to keep your eye on.

Two Start Pitchers

AL Top-10

  1. Felix Hernandez (TOR, KC)
  2. Justin Verlander (TEX, OAK)
  3. Jared Weaver (CLE, CHW)
  4. Dan Haren (CLE, CHW)
  5. David Price (BOS, MIN)
  6. Jeremy Guthrie (NYY, CLE)
  7. Michael Pineda (TOR, KC)
  8. Jeremy Hellickson (BOS, MIN)
  9. Trevor Cahill (CHW, DET)
  10. Daisuke Matsuzaka (TB, TOR)

Notes: Of the ten on this list, Guthrie is the least loved. But considering his hot start (not many Ks, though), he should be on a lot of teams’ radars.

NL Top-10

  1. Clayton Kershaw (SF, STL)
  2. Shaun Marcum (PIT, WAS)
  3. Tommy Hanson (FLA, NYM)
  4. Chris Carpenter (ARI, LAD)
  5. Brett Myers (CHC, SD)
  6. Chad Billingsley (SF, STL)
  7. Ryan Dempster (HOU, COL)
  8. Edinson Volquez (SD, PIT)
  9. Mat Latos (CIN, HOU)
  10. Tim Stauffer (CIN, HOU)

Notes: Latos is coming off shoulder soreness, and he gets the tough task of facing the Big Red Machine, albeit in the friendly confines of Petco Park. I wouldn’t start him until the Padres travel to Houston.

Weather Report

Potential Rain-Outs: Athletics at White Sox (60 percent, Monday); Rangers at Tigers (50, Monday); Rays at Red Sox (70, Tuesday); Brewers at Pirates (60, Tuesday); Royals at Twins (50, Wednesday); Mariners at Royals (40, Thursday); Angels at White Sox (50, Friday); Orioles at Indians (50, Friday); Pirates at Reds (40, Friday); Mets at Braves (40, Friday); Rangers at Yankees (50, Saturday); Orioles at Indians (50, Saturday); Brewers at Nationals (40, Saturday); Angels at White Sox (40, Saturday); Marlins at Phillies (40, Saturday).


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