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Pre-Season Award Show!

RotoBrian BackdoorSlider SmugglingPlums
NL ROY Aroldis Chapman Brandon Belt Freddie Freeman
AL ROY Dustin Ackley J. Hellickson J. Hellickson
NL CY Tim Lincecum Clayton Kershaw Roy Halladay
AL CY David Price Jon Lester Justin Verlander
NL MVP Ryan Braun Troy Tulowitzki Albert Pujols
AL MVP Mark Teixiera Miguel Cabrera Adrian Gonzalez
NL Comeback Lance Berkman K-Rod Nate McLouth
AL Comeback Dustin Pedroia Jacoby Ellsbury Aaron Hill
NL HR Champ Albert Pujols Albert Pujols Prince Fielder
AL HR Champ Adrian Gonzalez Alex Rodriguez Adam Dunn
NL SB King Michael Bourn Michael Bourn Michael Bourn
AL SB King Juan Pierre Brett Gardner Jacoby Ellsbury
NL K Champ Clayton Kershaw Tim Lincecum Tim Lincecum
AL K Champ Justin Verlander Jon Lester Felix Hernandez

3 thoughts on “Pre-Season Award Show!

  1. Jon P. says:

    Jared, your NL West bias is admirable, but sickening. I hope none of those bastards win any awards, especially Brandon Belt.

    • Jon, I think the NL West coast teams have better pitching. Lincecum and Kershaw are two of the best pitchers in the NL. However, it is tough to predict NL Rookie of the Year candidates. I think Brandon Belt might put together a good season as the Giants starting 1B. We will see.

      As a Padres fan, I hope they don’t win any of those awards too.

  2. RotoDorsey, I noticed you picked Ryan Braun and Mark Teixeira as MVP award winners. I find that incredibly coincidental that you own both of these players in our fantasy league….I made a few Boozer picks too.

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