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Brian’s Spring Training Journal

Friday, March 25

4:04 PM PST: We hit the road, driving East from San Diego on the Interstate 8. We lucked out big time: no traffic.

7:15 PM PST: Pit stop in Yuma, AZ. Ate at Applebee’s. Not much to report except Yuma is a vacuum. Hard to believe the Padres used to call this place “home” before Peoria.

9:42 PM PST: Arrive in Goodyear, AZ, where we’ll be staying for the weekend. After the long drive, I break out the Belvenie scotch and throw ‘em back like Miguel Cabrera.

Saturday, March 26

"Do you know who I am?"

9:23 AM PST: Wake up hung over and tired, but at least I’m not in jail with a mug shot of me grinning like a guy who just muttered, “I’ll blow this place up,” circulating around the Internet.

12:03 PM PST: We arrive at Peoria Stadium, co-owned by the Padres and Mariners. The visiting Dodgers are taking on the Padres. I was going to buy a ball at the stadium to get some autographs, but this quickly turns out to be a horrible decision, as baseballs and other souvenirs are ridiculously overpriced. No baseball. No autographs. But it’s OK. It’s a beautiful day and saving $15 by not buying a ball means more money for beer.

Each inch costs 50 cents.

12:30 PM PST: Purchase the “Ruthian Dog.” As I’m ordering it, I overhear a fan say, “Ruth must’ve been one lucky lady,” which is reminiscent of the movie “The Sandlot”, when Smalls thought Babe Ruth was a woman.

12:47 PM PST: Padres and Dodgers warm up on the field.

1:10 PM PST: Game is underway. Here’s the day’s lineup.

The lineups.


And here are some clips of at bats: Andre Ethier strikeout, Rafael Furcal groundout, Matt Kemp foul ball and strikeout.

3:03 PM PST: After Broxton hit one of the Padres’ hitters, (pitcher’s name here) pegged Rafael Furcal and then Nick Hundley threw him out trying to steal second base. Apparently Hundley celebrated too much and made some sort of gesture at the Dodger bench, which ticked off Rod Barajas and Andre Either. This is what ensued.

4:15 PM PST: Dodgers end up winning the game after fending off a late, second-string run by the Padres.

Here are a few more photos from the trip (click to enlarge):


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